FF Skagen - with respect for our environment

FF Skagen is an environmentally aware company which is working actively and with commitment and dedication towards reducing the energy and environmental impact of the business to an absolute minimum.
FF Skagen is certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 documentation and guidelines for an ambitious and sustainable environmental management and resource optimisation.

As a natural step in FF Skagen's environmental efforts, we provide all our heat from production to Skagen Varmeværk - which is an advantage for not only the environment but also in particular for the citizens in Skagen.
See how much heat we're providing here! (requires Java).

Environment and Energy Polices

FF Skagen wishes to appear as an environmental and energy concerned company, which actively and engaged strive to reduce the environmental impact from the company’s activities.

In Skagen we wish to carry out a documented and certified environment control system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and certified energy control system in accordance with ISO 50001:2011.

  • With respect to the company’s importance and position in the community FF wish to continuous work on reducing the odor nuisance to an acceptable level.
  • Based on continuous and set goals FF will work on reducing the company’s environmental impact and resource consumption.
  • Through the quality settlement system FF Skagen wish to proceed increasing the quality of landed industrial fish and trimmings in order to exploit the resources as much as possible and to minimize the environmental impact on the company’s production.
  • Through internal education and information FF wish to promote understanding for energy and environmental awareness among the employees and other who work on behalf of FF, and ensure the necessary knowledge about these matters.
  • FF wishes to perform environmentally and energy impact assessments in connection with new investments and/or larger restructuring of the facilities.
  • FF continuously wishes to survey the environmental and energy impacts in order to maintain achieved environmental improvements.
  • FF wishes to obey current legislation and demands from supervising authorities.
  • FF wishes to public its environmental and energy politics and improvement goals.
  • FF wishes to communicate openly with all authorities, customers and suppliers concerning all matters.