Fresh fish every day - all year round

FF Skagen produces fish meal and fish oil for the most ambitious feed manufacturers and farmers worldwide. Our position on quality starts out at sea with a demand for top quality raw materials. Fresh fish every day - all year round, provided by modern, efficient and loyal suppliers.

The fish are chilled immediately after capture and kept refrigerated during transport until they are landed at FF Skagen - ready for preparation and processing in our computer-controlled process systems. All landings are analyzed and approved before the fish are used in production of FF Skagen’s documented products.

FF Skagen processes around 500,000 tonnes of raw fish on the factories in Skagen and Hanstholm. Fish that are found in Danish waters and all the way up to the northernmost fishing grounds of the Atlantic. FF Skagen also uses processing waste from filleting factories - particularly herring processing waste.

The quality and purity of our raw material is the foundation of our success. We are therefore very focused on the environment - in the sea, in the local area and in production. FF Skagen is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001:2004.



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